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20 October 14

Snapchat’s First Ad

Snapchat’s first sponsored message arrived Saturday, and it was a video ad from Universal Pictures previewing its movie Ouija. The ad was sent to users’ “Recent Updates” feed where messages from friends typically appear.

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16 October 14

Facebook Launches Hyper-Local Ads

Soon, businesses will be able to target ads to anyone who lives or was recently within a specific distance of their store. Advertisers can set a radius as small as a mile and the ads will show up on people’s phones or web browsers. These new Local Awareness ads will be available for US business owners in a few weeks, and around the globe in the next several months.

Read more about the latest feature here

13 October 14

Vogue China Embraces the Apple Watch

Becoming a true fashion accessory, Apple watch graced the cover of Vogue China’s November issue. Apple is trying to position itself as a fashion-forward wearable tech, nothing their collaboration with multiple industry influencers to help design the device’s style. 

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6 October 14

A Dive Into Today’s Advertising Landscape

Advertising has come a long way since the age of Mad Men. Digital marketing, which was a relatively new practice in the early 2000s, has become increasingly smart and sophisticated in this millennium.

Different forms of advertising — such as native and mobile — are redefining the digital landscape and the way brands engage consumers. An explosion of new devices has caused fragmentation. And data has become an increasingly hot commodity, informing the tactics brands use to reach consumers.

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29 September 14

Introducing Ello!

Launched by Paul Budnitz in July, new social platform Ello has seen significant growth and press over the past couple of days, likely due to Facebook’s recent change in policy around unverifiable names, driving away a large community of users operating under other names. Sign-up requests have reportedly grown to 31k+ per hour and users joining the platform are greeted with a fairly simple interface. 

Ello, with a profile and feed system similar to Twitter and Tumblr, allows users to choose friends to follow and buckets all other users into a “Noise” category. To participate in a conversation, users @reply within a thread, creating a new conversation on a post.

Read more about the emerging platform, here

24 September 14

Calvin Klein Scores in #NYFW Social Race

Not only did Calvin Klein score the week’s most retweeted moment, when the pop star stripped down to his skivvies at the Fashion Rocks show, but the brand also topped rival labels that have larger social media followings by outpacing them in terms of engagement and reach. 

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22 September 14

Inspiring Quotes From Social Good Summit 2014

The fifth annual Social Good Summit is upon us, where some of the most innovative minds in social good come together in New York City to discuss ways we can help solve the world’s biggest issues. From climate change to women’s empowerment to global health, there’s an endless array of topics and thought-provoking conversations on the agenda about improving our society.

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9 September 14

Musicians Test Hyperlapse for Their Time-Lapse Music Videos 

5 September 14
Buy What You ‘Like’: You Can Now Shop Straight From Instagram. Read the full article, here. 

Buy What You ‘Like’: You Can Now Shop Straight From Instagram. Read the full article, here

4 September 14

We have completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge & donated! Thank you to our friends at Bitly for the nomination!

Make your donation today!

2 September 14

Snapchat Expands ‘Our Story’ to All Users


After being “blown away” at the response from Snapchatters at Electric Daisy Carnival, Lollapalooza and other music festivals to the “Our Story” feature, which pools photos and videos from live events into one feed, the photo messaging application announced Friday that it has expanded the product.

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29 August 14
We’re ready for the holiday weekend! 

We’re ready for the holiday weekend! 

28 August 14

The Future of Furniture Shopping?

Vizera Labs is looking to replace expensive physical inventory in brick-and-mortar stores with virtual designs projected onto just a few floor models.

Read More: http://on.mash.to/1tfv13q

21 July 14
Central Park turns 161 today! Mashable has put together a look into the past to celebrate.

Central Park turns 161 today! Mashable has put together a look into the past to celebrate.

8 July 14

Monday Distraction: Kids React to Game Boy

"Wait a minute…you don’t just turn it on and get the apps?"

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